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Goat Hair

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Goat Hair

1.Softness: Goat hair is known for being incredibly soft and
gentle on the skin, The softness of the bristles helps to prevent
irritation, making it perfect for use on sensitive skin.

2.Flexibility : Goat hair is also known for being flexible, This
helps to ensure that makeup is applied evenly and smoothly, without any
streaks or smudges.

3.Durability : Goat hair is strong and durable, This makes it a great
choice for professional makeup artists who need their brushes to last a long time.

4.Versatility : Goat hair can be used for a wide variety of makeup applications,
from applying foundation and blush to blending eyeshadow and highlighting.
In China, there are grades of goat hair: XGF,ZGF, BJF, HJF ..(The best quality is XGF goat