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Synthetic Hair

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Synthetic Hair
1.Cruelty free : Synthetic hair is made from nylon or other synthetic
which means that no animals are harmed in the process of making the brushes.

2.Hygienic : Synthetic hair is less porous than natural hair, This makes synthetic
brushes easier to
cleanand maintain, which is important for keeping your skin healthy 。 and free from infections.

3.Versatile : Synthetic brushes can be used with both liquid and powder products,
making them more versatile than natural hair brushes, which may be better suited
for one type of product over another.

4.Affordable : Synthetic brushes are generally less expensive than natural hair brushes,
which can be a significant advantage for those on a budget.

5.Durable : Synthetic hair is more durable than natural hair, meaning that synthetic brushes
are less likely to shed or break over time.
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